To all subcontractors: 

From the list below, please send all the documents that you have to
These documents must be received by our office before you begin working with us.

Document List

Completed W-9 form (Available from
Copy of State Licence
Copy of County License (Business Tax Receipt)
Certificates of insurance must list as certificate holder:

A+ Framers, Inc
7836 Umberto Ct
Naples, Fl 34114
Certificate of Insurance with the following requirements
General Liability Insurance: $1,000,000 per occurrence limit,
$2,000,000 products & Completed operations
$2,000,000 General Aggregate limit.

General Libiality Insurance must show A+ Framers, Inc. as Additional Insurer.
Worker's compensation: $100,000 each accident
$500,000 policy limit
$100,000 each employee
Auto insurance: $500,000 per accident

Payment application procedure

Invoice for the amount to draw

The invoices for the work successfully performed in the previous week have to receive by our office by the following Monday at 5 pm. That invoice will be paid on Friday of the same week when approved by the job supervisor.

We look forward to work with you!